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Research Near You

As a Northwest company with national results we do research just about everywhere. It all depends on the research service we are providing. Typically the focus groups we support are geographically near one of our focus group facilities. But that doesn’t mean we are unable to support research outside of […]

Focus groups have 2-6 groups per project, 8-12 participants per group, and 24-200 hours spent calling, mock trials have 1 group, 18-45 participants, and 120-250 hours spent calling

Focus Groups, Mock Trials, and What they’re all About

Focus groups can be an excellent resource for any business to deeply explore consumer opinions. We often find ourselves supporting clients with focus groups on a variety of topics leading us to provide both legal and traditional focus groups. The biggest difference between traditional focus groups and legal focus groups/mock […]

How we Group: The Focus Group Recruiting Process

To make any project work we have to recruit the right people to participate. There is no group discussion without a group. To find the best fit for our groups we recruit in three main ways: through random digit dialing, through our database of opt in research participants, or from […]

Participants are recruited by Random Dialing or through the database to participate in Focus Groups.

The Big Focus of Focus Groups

The purpose of a focus group is to gather together current or potential customers to discuss a topic, product, or service to receive real world opinions and make the best business decisions moving forward. By gathering opinions of consumers businesses get a better idea of what products and services will […]