Regional Partner Facilities

We strive to have facilities available in locations our clients need, and for that very reason we also partner with the Focus Group Center of Seattle to give us the ability to offer a space in Seattle proper, that facilitates the needs of clients seeking feedback from travel limited respondents in Seattle, North Seattle, and the University District while still leveraging our recruiting expertise.

Serving the deeper Seattle Metro and U-District; our Market Research Partners the Focus Group Center of Seattle –

Unlike several of the research facilities in the area, Focus Group Center of Seattle is locally owned and operated. Strategic Research has partnered with Focus Group Center of Seattle to provide facility and recruiting services in North Seattle and expand our market opportunities throughout the State.

FOCUS GROUP CENTER OF SEATTLE (North Seattle Focus) –  1415 NE 123rd St, Seattle WA

Recruiting area: King County, travel incentive required for Snohomish County

  • Host events, teleconferences, and depositions
  • Remote observation of what’s happening in the room
  • Large touch panel monitor with annotation capabilities
  • Multiple HD cameras in each room for multi-angle recording and viewing
  • Display videos, documents, powerpoint presentations, photos, or teleconferences
  • South Room: Dimensions: 20.75′ x 13.5′; seats 12 conference style, 10 classroom and 20 theatre style
  • North Room: Dimensions: 15.5′ x 17.5′; seats 12 conference style, 10 classroom and 18 theatre style
  • Client Viewing Room seats 7-8 clients; CCTV viewing of South Room and live viewing through one way glass of North Room activities