I thought it was really interesting to hear other’s opinions and thoughts on the topic. It made me see it in different ways other then how I saw it to begin with. I thought this was really fun!
Renee from Washington
I just wanted to share with y’all that this was my first research project of this nature ever. I enjoyed my participation so much in this panel research that I just wanted to let Strategic Research know. This was very interesting and I also learned a lot personally.
Bobbie from Colorado
I enjoyed the opportunity to be part of this experience. I would definitely volunteer again.
Wendy from Idaho
I loved participating. Was so thought provoking. Great questions, a great group that offered “food for thought.” Really was an educational exercise and inspired me to do so much research before the election.
Doris from Colorado

Welcome to Market Research

Choosing to participate in market research gives you the chance to share your feedback on new products, services, ideas, commercials, and much much more! We mostly work within the consumer sector supporting major brands in their consumer research efforts.

We conduct research for companies like your local YMCAs, local utilities and local government, and major brands like Disney, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Thank you for choosing to join our research panel; we hope to include you in a study soon so you can have the chance to directly affect future products and services available to you and your community!

Who is Strategic Research Associates?

Strategic Research Associates is a Northwest-based market research company who has been providing custom market research for our clients since 1996.

Through surveys, focus groups, and other methods of primary research we gather insights from consumers about their perceptions of our clients' products, services, company, brand, and more.

Many studies are held at our own focus group facilities in Spokane and Federal Way, WA as well as other partner locations throughout the US. We also work directly with the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg to when doing projects in the Tampa area.

Focus Groups

People love participating in focus groups! Focus groups usually consist of 8-12 people who are guided through a group discussion by a research moderator to discuss a variety of issues. Everyone who participates is specifically invited to based on their background and opinions to ensure a diverse group dynamic.

Most discussions last around two hours, though mock trials and legal focus groups are often all-day activities. Snacks and refreshments are provided with every study group, as well as a cash honorarium. 

The more we know about you the better, as we do our best to invite people to the groups the qualify for. Incrementally we may reach out to you to update your profile with more specifics so we can be sure we are only inviting you to the research studies you may qualify for!


Often our clients wish to gather opinions from a large group of people within a certain region, and in those instances, surveys are the best approach! Typically for a survey to be accurate we will gather responses from hundreds of individuals in an area, young and old, all controlled by quotas so we are targeting the same number of responses per segment of the population.

We strive to keep our surveys at less than 10 minutes in length, and many are available by phone and online to make it easy for you to join and provide feedback.

We also operate Immersive Camp which is a nationwide research panel focused just on online surveys. Each survey completed here can earn you e-gift card credits towards Amazon, PayPal, and more!

Our focus group facilities

Spokane, WA

The Historic Dusquesne Apartments Building

161 S Browne Street (Parking and Entrance)
29 W Pacific Ave (Physical Address)
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 324-6960

SeaTac, WA

Henry Miller Plaza / IBEW 77 Building

19415 International Blvd, Suite #308
SeaTac, WA 98188
(509) 324-6960

Our facility is located on the 3rd floor in this building.

Surface parking lot is open for all, park in any spot, the markings show which building the spots are for.

Why are you calling me?

We hand dial RDD landline and cell phone numbers within the regions we are targeting throughout the United States to gather opinions on various topics for our focus group and survey projects. We are selling nothing, and the purpose of our calls is to only collect your opinions. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) does not extend the National Do Not Call requirements to market research calling efforts. Regardless, we respect your time and are always happy to remove your number from our call lists permanently.

You can find the full text of the FCC Telephone Consumer Protection Act here which better explains why our efforts are allowed.

Additionally, the CTIA has many recommendations for companies and consumers on how to appropriately manage and legitimize calls made to your cell phone number. If you are looking for tools to help you identify SPAM and Robocalls to your cell number, please check out the resources here CTIA – How to Stop Robocalls.

Legitimate companies like ours always ensure we are compliant with the recommendations of the CTIA, and FTC and FCC regulations before we attempt any work.

You can also opt-out from our calls and SMS messages at any time via SMS by texting STOP to 509-299-8060 (this is our dedicated SMS line).



At Strategic Research Associates we promise to not sell or share any personally identifiable information unless required to by law.

Information collected in connection with any market research project is sponsored by either Strategic Research or our clients, who are third-party companies. We reserve the right to share any data collected in an anonymous singular summary and aggregate form which does not contain personally identifying information, nor does the combination of data make it possible to identify you within the dataset.

You can, at any time, withdraw your consent to our use of your data as described in our Privacy Policy. We are committed to protecting your privacy through the use of secure data transmission and data hosting services. You can submit concerns about our Privacy Policy or privacy practices to info@strategicresearch.net or by calling us 1-888-554-6960.

We reserve the right to update our Privacy Policy at any time.

No Spam / Opt-Out Policy

All our research studies are conducted on an opt-in basis. You must choose to participate, no one is required or coerced to provide their responses to studies. On occasion, Strategic Research Associates may call, send an SMS, or email you an invitation to take part in a study we are conducting. You may opt-in to the study by responding to our invitation.

If you would like to opt-out of our current and future research projects, and no longer wish to receive communications from us you may request that you be removed at any time. To do so you may call 1-888-554-6960, email info@strategicresearch.net or complete our online Do Not Call form. When leaving messages, please leave your complete phone number to ensure we can process your request.

The Information We Collect and How We Use It

All information you provide us is completely voluntary. Our sign-up form requires you to give us basic contact information. We later ask for additional information to help us place you in research projects. The information requested for these projects may include but is not limited to, your opinions, purchase history, and purchase intent regarding consumer and/or business products and services. We may also request information defined as sensitive (e.g. data directly or indirectly revealing racial and ethnic origins, political, philosophical or religious opinions, trade union affiliation, health or sexual life).

Personal demographic and profile data about our research participants is only shared with our sponsors, our partners and other third parties on an anonymous singular summary basis or an aggregate basis and used for general population profiling.

All data provided to our clients for independent analysis does not contain personally identifying information such as a name or e-mail address, nor does the combination of data make it possible to identify you.

Anonymous singular and aggregate statistical summary information is data that describes the interest profile and demographic data of a research participant without identifying the individual responding.