Business Intelligence: Member, Customer and Data Analysis

PageLines- BIsample.PNGUnlock the power of your existing member and customer data! We have the expertise you need in a wide range of statistical modeling and segmentation approaches and provide cost-effective advice on the setup and management of your databases for ongoing business intelligence efforts.


Strategic Research can use existing information contained in your database including demographic, behavioral, and past purchase data along with test-promotion results to more accurately predict future responses. We can help you answer questions about your customers like

Which customers/contacts are most likely to purchase a product or service?

Which product should be offered to which type of customer/contact?

Which demographic or behavioral measurements are most influential in predicting behaviors?

Which customers will purchase again and what are they most likely to purchase?

Accurately identifying your key market segment’s attributes allows you to tailor advertising, promotion and reward strategies to these segments.

Choose us as your go-to research firm for both primary and secondary market research to maximize your return on investment!