Research Services

Strategic Research Associates has the ability to field your research project using just about any method imaginable.

We are smart, creative, and know how data collection affects research results. Our team will guide you through the research development process to help you select the appropriate fielding method, or mixed-mode fielding method that best meets your needs.

We have conducted hundreds of surveys for our clients, using a variety of methodologies.

Telephone surveying

  • Random Digit Dialing (RDD) to landline and cellular phone prefixes5-Todd-Quackenbush
  • Client and membership list
  • Purchased/targeted lists
  • Business to business
  • Feasibility and capital campaign development surveys

Online, internet panel surveying

  • Client lists
  • Purchased lists
  • Consumer lists
  • Business to business lists

Focus group and legal focus group (Mock Trials) recruiting and hosting

  • Experienced in-house focus group moderator Joanne Vega
  • Full service facility for hosting groups
  • Team of experts who can book, manage, and record any out of market focus groups
  • In-house recruiting using in-house panel, RDD, client lists, and more
  • Ability to host focus groups both in professional facilities or at off-site locations

In-person intercepts at

  • Sporting events
  • Airports, terminal surveys
  • Transportation, bus line intercepts
  • Entertainment events and venues
  • Hotels
  • Conventions

Mail, postcard surveys

  • Resident lists
  • Client lists
  • Area saturation studies
  • Business Reply Mail (BRE) surveys
  • Business to business

Mystery Shopping (trained interviewers pose as customers to interact with your staff or your competitors staff and provide a subjective evaluation)

  • Telephone, Call Center Mystery Shopping
  • In-person, Retail Mystery Shopping

Audience Testing, using wireless smartphone testing tools

  • During focus groups
  • At corporate events, annual meetings
  • During movie screenings
  • At public events or meetings
  • Employee satisfaction surveys during corporate retreats
  • Electronic voting at any event

Online Focus Group Panels

  • Leverage bulletin boards for an interactive web-based research project
  • Participants are vetted and recruited to ensure quality and involvement throughout the panel
  • Adaptive and responsive, works on any input device – PCs, tablets (iPads, etc) and mobile devices
  • Great for populations that may be too geographically diverse for a focus group

In-depth telephone interviews

  • Participants are recruited using focus group recruiting techniques
  • Professional interviewers or research analysts will conduct telephone interview and provide final report
  • Also great for populations which are geographically diverse

Usability Testing, using our in-house testing tool to capture faces, clicks, and computer usage of participants to an archive file and streamed to client viewing rooms

  • 6 workstation testing environment
  • Moderated as needed
  • Test participants recruited from focus group panel; no professional testers
  • Live feedback and flexibility to change test parameters while testing
  • Mobile testing software and testing available as well using panel recruits

Mixed-mode research (any of these methods can be combined together to increase sample size, create stratified sub-samples, and more)


We are not only your field house, but your full-service research partner. Our professional Research Analysts on staff will assist you with every aspect of project development including;

  1. Developing a questionnaire that fully addresses your research objectives
  2. Formulating an effective sampling strategy
  3. Managing professional data collection, emphasizing quality control to ensure accuracy in your final dataset
    • For telephone interviewing: We offer an experienced, dedicated, and well-supervised staff working in our modern, computerized in-house research facility. The computer-aided workstations used by our interviewers allow for randomization and rotation of survey question order to reduce biases and provide fast, secure data collection.
    • For mail surveys: We have exceptional experience in conducting large-scale mail surveys and typically employ multiple follow-ups – up to five waves of mailings – to achieve a reasonable response rate. Data entry is conducted in house, and responses are coded and tracked ensure accuracy and eliminated duplicate responses.
    • For online surveys: We conduct either open (accessible to anyone) or targeted (password accessible) online surveys, handling programming, hosting, and email invitations internally. To increase web survey participation we often couple email invitations from clients and ourselves, as well as personal telephone calls to targeted individuals to encourage their participation. For populations where email addresses are available, we conduct outbound telephone invitation campaigns, resulting in a mixed mode methodology where participants can choose to complete the survey live with our caller, or online by providing us with their email address.
    • For web panels: Each full featured panel allows for unlimited activities per study during the study’s duration. Our staff will setup and manage the activities, acting as moderators during the duration of your panel. Multiple task types are available for use including open-ended questions, video responses, polling, heat mapping, and discussion forums. Client staff can act as moderators, or watch as a 3rd party during the duration of the panel. Reporting is available live, and our research analysts will develop a final client ready report at the end of the panel.
  4. Providing comprehensive analysis and a meaningful report
      Our experienced researchers know how to analyze and model any type of outcome – a proportion, rate, ordinal rating, frequency count, categorical measurement, time-to-event measurement, regression testing, or a true metric quantity – under any type of sampling plan and weighting.

See samples of our reports here.