Our Team

Strategic Research Associates operates a full in-house field research center consisting of over a dozen employees;  researchers, supervisors, and permanent part-time interviewers work side by side to ensure the highest level of research quality for our clients on every project.

In-House Research Management Staff


Research Director, Analyst, Moderator – Owner

Joanne’s extensive background in marketing and campaign development make them the ideal fit for panel survey development, reporting and economic member analysis, research project development and research theory management, and moderating qualitative research projects.

Along with lending their knowledge to current projects and providing project management support, their key performance tasks include crafting custom research plans for clients using current research methodologies, and the day to day management of Strategic Research. They effortlessly guide clients through the proposal and project initiation phases, helping teams fine-tune their general research initiatives into effective, actionable research plans.

Joanne earned a M.B.A. in Marketing from Capella University, and B.B.A. degrees in International Management, Business Management, and Marketing from Northwood University (Midland, MI).

Prior to joining Strategic Research, Joanne has worked the gamut of client-side marketing campaign planning and organization. From representing national food and hardline brands to Costco and Sams Club, navigating the ins-and-outs of the manufacturing and rapid prototyping industries, and developing collateral for multi-million dollar direct mail marketing campaigns in the retail sector, their wide range of experience in multiple consumer markets allows them to easily add a customer-centric focus to any research initiative.

Email Joanne or call direct at 425-644-3778.

Brooke Hansen

Project Manager

Brooke joined Strategic Research in 2021, and has quickly become a great addition to our research team.

She manages all our research projects and guides our recruiting teams through finding the right candidates for research studies, participant scheduling, and retention. Brooke is our single point of contact for all clients during active research projects, ensuring that all are well informed about the status of their research project as well as providing updates when issues arise.

Her experience and expertise guiding consumers through the real estate process, as well as project management Stay Alfred prior to joining us at Strategic Research has made her an invaluable member of the team due to her attention to detail, and ability to work with multiple clients at once with poise and confidence.

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