CanopyCU of Spokane develops a 0% Help with Rent Loan program as a result of our research efforts

We are proud to have been part of the solution on this project with CanopyCU as they investigated ways in which they could directly impact community members who are facing housing issues in our community.

The team at CanopyCU approached us in early 2020 with a significant research question and a small budget; “What are the needs of low-income community members as it relates to housing and the potential facing homelessness?” 

An issue at the core of displacement and public uncertainty as we look towards the fall and the lasting effects of our economic downturn on our society, we offered to conduct a set of focus groups at our facility in Spokane for this team among both consumers who are genuinely struggling with covering the costs of their monthly housing needs, as well as leaders in our community who are operating programs or housing units for this population.

Our goal was to uncover what kinds of additive solutions an organization like a local credit union could provide to help relieve community members of this very stressful concern, and it appears we were able to develop a very creative and useful idea that they have been able to implement successfully.

Conducting projects like this is why we do what we do!

Read this article for more details on the program:,critical%20need%20in%20our%20community

Program details: