North Side, Valley, and Hillyard Among Areas Identified by Residents as Areas that Could Benefit From Additional Business Investment


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Spokane, WA. (February 20, 2013) – Survey results released today by Strategic Research Associates identify areas within Spokane County that residents feel could benefit from business and industry investment to boost employment and improve the well-being of the community and its transportation, local culture and property values. The research was designed in such a way to allow respondents to freely identify any area they felt could benefit from investment, leaving no stone unturned.

Each fall Strategic Research Associates conducts a multi-sponsor Omnibus survey, a public opinion poll sponsored by multiple organizations to collect data on a wide variety of topics during the same telephone survey. Participants of the Fall 2012 survey have asked to remain anonymous. Strategic Research Associates also takes this opportunity to question community members about key issues which may be of significance to the Greater Spokane community. The questions are only sponsored by Strategic Research Associates, no third party influenced the development of the questions sponsored by Strategic Research Associates.

Between November 6 and November 27, 2012, adult residents ages 18 and older of Spokane County were interviewed by telephone. To determine the sample for this survey, households were randomly selected through known landline and cell phone numbers using random-digit-dialing. For each known number, one adult from each household was selected for an interview. During survey fielding, the total sample was closely managed to ensure no market segment was over or under sampled in the final survey population.

In an open-ended question, respondents were asked to identify which area of the county they felt could benefit the most from an increase in industry and business investment. Of the 400 responses received, the North Side, Spokane Valley, and Hillyard received the most community support for investment.

Among Spokane City residents, 23% suggested the North Side of Spokane as an area for investment, and 17% suggested Hillyard. Spokane County residents were more likely to suggest Spokane Valley, as 23% of those who live outside of the city limits suggested the valley as an important investment area.

Additional popular responses among city and county residents include West Central (11%), Spokane County (10%), East Spokane (7%), and Airway Heights (6%).

Graphical survey results are included. For more information regarding the results of this research, please feel free to contact Joanne Vega, Director, General Manager, Strategic Research Associates at (509) 324-4272,

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