Do you work in the direct to store delivery industry?

We are attempting to locate individuals who sell, order, deliver, merchandise or handle on-site inventory at your customer’s locations and/or manage the people who do this to participate in an in-person interview about the tools they use day to day.

Are you one of the people at your company that handles these types of activities? If so – submit your contact information below and we will call you to schedule an interview. If you would like to talk more, or just want to call us directly to schedule your time call Joanne Vega at 425-644-3778 or email her at to get yourself on our list of interviewees.

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Each participant will be paid $250 for their time.

The study will be during the week of December 6th, at a time that is convenient for our interviewees in either Atlanta or Seattle.

We always like to reiterate when posting these blind invitations like this —this is a professional market research project. We are only looking for your personal opinions; not the opinions of your company, and it is strictly for research purposes, nothing is to be sold, you will not been added to any sales lists, etc.