High Definition Cameras operational in both Spokane and Federal Way/Seattle research facilities

With the implementation of our new research facility in Federal Way, to serve the Seattle and Tacoma markets, and incremental upgrades to our Spokane research facility, Strategic Research can now exclaim that we provide full High Definition (HD) video recording and HD streaming at all of our research facilities!

Additionally, our Federal Way location is on the list to receive the new 360 camera offering from FocusVision, commonly referred to as FV360. The FV360 is to be implemented by our September rush season so all your focus groups can be recorded and streamed in HD from the moderator’s perspective in real time.

To learn more about this offering, please visit: https://www.focusvision.com/products/fv360/

There are always times when the view from the client room just isn’t enough, and researchers need to refer back to the video recordings or rely on live web streaming of groups to prepare reports and keep clients informed. We always include video of our focus groups with our facility rental, as we know that these archival tools can be instrumental in developing research reports. Videos far surpasses audio or textual notes as it can capture elements of a group that are qualitative, our whole reason for conducting a research group such as such as inflection, body language, and the way individuals react, interact with stimuli, and build off one another. There is a big difference when someone says “That’s great” either sarcastically or with sincerity, and video captures these differences.

Low quality video is just simply disappointing at this day of age when our cell phones can provide full, live HD video at the push of a button. A client should never have to ask “Did that participant just shrug, or was that an artifact of recording?” Prior to this upgrade our cameras captured at a maximum of 480p, the standard quality we would see on broadcast TV in the 90s. Older videos have a grainy quality to them making it harder to distinguish small elements within the group.

Strategic Research Associates Spokane Focus Group room in standard defition video.

While still serving its purpose as an archival tool, we knew we could do better. You can see in the image below from Spokane that smaller details in the videos have become much clearer; making it possible even to read the name tags for each participant (which usually is a challenge with standard definition recordings) without much difficulty.

Strategic Research Associates Spokane Focus Group room in HD video.

Our Federal Way Facility offers the same HD quality.

Strategic Research Associates Federal Way Focus Group room in HD video.

One concern with this higher definition videos is also file size! Traditional CDs have trouble allowing enough size for DVD recording, so both facilities also provide all our recordings on convenient thumb drives for easy sharing, emailing, and watching on computers and smart TVs.

In a direct comparison of the two video outputs from Spokane you can see just how much clearer the recordings now are and how much more of the room is included in the shot. You can also notice that earlier video has a washed-out quality to it, this is because we have also recently replaced our physical cameras. The combination of the HD recording capabilities and the higher quality camera makes all the difference to the videos.

Side by Side comparison of Strategic Research Associates Spokane Focus Group room Standard and HD video

At Strategic Research we strive to give our clients the best quality research, and exceed their expectations time and time again. Part of that is giving them a product that is both valuable and worthwhile.

With HD video, our research clients can now watch and stream their groups in greater clarity allowing for a better focus group viewing experience both during their group and while making future strategic business decisions.