Research Near You

As a Northwest company with national results we do research just about everywhere. It all depends on the research service we are providing.

Typically the focus groups we support are geographically near one of our focus group facilities.
But that doesn’t mean we are unable to support research outside of our facilities. While we have two professional focus group locations in Washington state we also recruit and host off-site focus groups all the time throughout Oregon, Idaho, Montana and even as far away as Florida!

Many focus groups are at one of our two professional focus group locations. These facilities include focus group and client rooms, one way glass, and integrated recording equipment. These facilities are set up specifically for focus groups allowing for maximum effectiveness and comfort. Even with facilities in Spokane and Federal Way, Washington there are large areas of the state and Northwest that are not within easy travel distance of our facilities for participants and for these we have a dedicated team available to provide AV, hosting, and venue support. Other than the type of facility we may use for an off-site group there isn’t much difference. The only real difference is that unless we are hosting at another focus group facility it’s unlikely we’ll have a one-way mirror at our disposal (unless we work with our partner facility in Seattle).

When do we host focus groups at our locations and when do we host them off-site?
We often host focus groups consisting of participants from the Spokane, Stevens, Pend Oreille, Lincoln, or Kootenai Counties at our Spokane location. Groups consisting of participants from Pierce, King, Kitsap, Snohomish, or Thurston counties are hosted at our Federal Way location. That isn’t to say that residents of these counties couldn’t also be invited to an off-site focus group, but we recruit from these counties for focus groups at our locations. Everyone else is limited to off-site groups.

Alternate research options can be completed anywhere, nationwide.
As a full service research firm that has been providing professional market research support for over 20 years, we have had the opportunity to complete projects all throughout the United States and Canada. Many times our projects outside the Northwest are surveys or recruiting projects for interviews either in person, online or on the phone.  After all, participants can take a phone call from anywhere.

We also host online focus groups and web panel surveys, which can be limited to participants who have access to a computer.  Online groups are particularly useful when we’re looking to talk to people from geographically diverse areas.

So where do we do research?
Everywhere! For some projects the best methodology is to conduct intercept surveys on site, and a research location – in the end it all depends on the type of research.