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The Research Question

Everyone has something they want or need to know. We find the answers to these questions through research. Research happens every day, big and small, whether through a full-fledged survey with hundreds of respondents, or a simple web-search for nearby restaurants, it’s all research. For the more extensive questions, research […]

Smart research: Leveraging secondary data

Our focus at SRA is on collecting and implementing primary research strategies – but every one of those strategies have benchmarks set using secondary data! Whether it be setting quotas for sub-sample requirements on a full study, or determining the market penetration and success of recruiting for focus groups in […]

When it comes to samples, size is everything!

As a full service research firm we are experts at finding hard to find participants for focus groups and research projects, but I find it amazing how often our clients don’t understand just how many people we really have to contact in order to find that one perfect recruit! For […]